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Hair Colour Specialists

Is the hair colour you presently have best suited to your features, skin tone and style? Or is it time for a change? Are you satisfied with the service you receive from your current hair colour specialist?

Hair Colour Expertise

Place your confidence in the talented hair colorists at Extension Garage Hair Studio to provide professional expertise from our salon. Whether you require highlights, lowlights, a colour boost, or a complete hair colour change, our style experts offer the latest products that leave your hair conditioned, fresh and superbly shiny. Extension Garage Hair Studio Hair Colour Services Include:

  • Custom Colour
  • Balayge
  • Ombre
  • Corrective Colour
  • Full Highlights
  • Partial Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Toning
  • Peek-a-boos

Changing Your Hair Colour

Looking for a more youthful, sassy look? Or does your natural colour need a boost? Whether you opt for classic or contemporary, changing your hair colour can be a dramatic improvement to your overall look or a subtle change that has people asking what your secret is to looking so good. From bright blissful blonde in a spectrum of nuanced shades, to deep sultry brown and black, Extension Garage Hair Studio hair colour technicians match and then mix the perfect colour blend for the skin tone, features and unique personal styles of our clients.

The Latest Developments in Colour

Extension Garage Hair Studio colour experts keep up with the latest advancements in hair colour products and techniques and will customize a hair colour mix just for you. Our professional technicians receive regular training updates and are always on the cutting edge of trends that work in real life. Most importantly, every client who visits our salon can count on a thorough consultation to ensure that they are pleased with their hair colour results.

Colouring your hair from a box rarely produces the desired results. A professional colourist factors in your starting colour and provides the required skill for mixing and creating the perfect shade or highlights you are looking for.

Hair Colour Tips

Guaranteed results

Everyone has variations on what “blonde” might look like. Bring along a photo of the colour you want to your next salon visit to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for limitless hair colour inspiration.

Hair colour fades faster in the sun

It’s not just your skin that requires protection from UV rays. Use shampoo and conditioners that are specially made to protect hair colour.

Factor in hair growth

On average, hair grows about one half inch each month. To maintain your preferred colour, plan a salon visit to redo your roots every 6 to 8 weeks.

Fast fading colours

Pink, blue, silver or purple fade faster than brown or blonde and requires regular monthly maintenance.

Extension Garage Hair Studio Hair Coloring

Contact our professional salon color technicians for more tips and a detailed consultation prior to your appointment.

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